Mining Jobs AustraliaWorking in Australia can be a very rewarding experience especially in the Outback. With excellent climate, low population, and diverse exciting opportunities, this is the place for the ambitious, skilled adventurous individual looking for a lucrative lifelong career.

One of the most sought after highest paying careers in Australia is mining. A person with little or no experience can earn a very comfortable living in mining. Most miners earn $70,000 AUD or more working in the industry.

The Australian mining industry is one of the safest in the world due to the stringent safety rules and laws strictly enforced. Australia is one of the leading producers of many different types of minerals including: buaxite, zircon, coal, gold, iron ore, uranium, diamonds, zinc, silver and nickel. Miners employed in the mining industry number over 130,000 (not including the oil and gas industry) making mining one of the largest employers in Australia.

Some of the different mining jobs (careers) include:

Geoscience- This career encompasses a number of unique job duties such as: Geogolist (discovers where minerals can be found and mined), Geophysicist (studies the makeup of the Earth to locate minerals), Mine Geologist (maps, locates, and defines different grades of ore), Resource Geologist analyzes ore bodies)(, and GIS Technician which is a support positionin finding samples of minerals and ore bodies)
Operator- Underground Operator (excavates, loads, and transports minerals, Open Cut operator (miner excavates loads and transports minerals)), Bogger (transports waste rock and ore to other areas of the mining operation), Driller (operates the drilling rig in the mine), and Jumbo Operator (interprets and reads mine survey plans)
Engineer- Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Surveyor, and Mining Engineer
Mechanical/Metal Trades- Specialists in mechanical disciplines including: Auto Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, Heavy Vehicle Mechanic, Boilermaker, Maintenance Technician (maintains specialized equipment used in the mining operation, and Welder.

The above are just some of the diverse challenging exciting career positions available in the mining industry of Australia. Total number of different positions available are over 150 career possibilities. As mining becomes more high tech who knows how many new positions will be created in the future.

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