Rio Tinto – Mine of the Future

Watch this video on Rio Tinto’s mine of the future.

Base Metals Mining and Exploration

Broken HillPerilya – Australia’s Best in Base Metals Mining and Exploration

Among the many mining companies found in Australia, Perilya Mining Company has been distinguished as the leading company in base metal exploration and mining. The company has received several awards in the field of mining such as Lead Production Top 10 and one of the Top 20 Zinc Producers of The Globe. The company is located in Perth, which is found in the Western part of Australia.

The Perilya Company is one of the businesses which have improved a lot in the past few years. They have extensive cash reserves, 2 mining centers and investments. They have project developments in several areas and are exploring other locations such as Malaysia. The company is led by highly-professional individuals who have sustained the company’s goals and has brought it stands it is today. Read more

Mining in Broken Hill, NSW Australia

Broken Hill is one of the longest-lived Australian mining cities, and home to what may be the world’s largest and richest deposits of silver-zinc-lead ore.

Broken Hill Australia


Broken Hill was originally settled by the Wiljakali Aborigines on an intermittent basis, who were said to have called it Wilyu-Wilyu-yong. White settlers’ aggression and diseases eventually drove them away. By 1883 the ore body in Broken Hill had been discovered by Charles Rasp; to mine it, the Broken Hill Proprietary Company was founded in 1885. Now called BHP Billiton, it’s still the largest mining company in the world.

Mining in Broken Hill was done with hand tools and horse drawn carts (even underground) until the 1940s, when diesel powered equipment reduced the amount of labor needed to mine each tonne of ore. Nowadays the influence of mining on Broken Hill is waning due to reduced labor needs and the declining mining industry. Broken Hill now promotes itself as an artistic and tourist destination. Read more

Australian mining woes due to China slowdow

China is a powerhouse in many industries. Check out his video and find out how China’s slowdown is giving Australia’s mining industry woes.

Today Tonight : Australia’s mining jobs myth

Watch this Today Tonight video and find out some of Australia’s mining jobs myths.

Mining trends 2013

miningMining companies are trying to survive in the volatile environment and harsh economic times. Increase of operational cost and fluctuating commodity prices are among the factors that make operations in the mining industry harder. Moreover, uncertainty in product demand also is a major setback since companies cannot predict how the demand for their product will fair in years to come. Year 2013 will see a variety of trends arise in this sector. They include:

The top mining trends 2013

Uncertainty of commodity demand

Predictions on future demand for products are on the rise. Companies are trying to find ways in which they can remain relevant in the market when their current customers cease to purchase from them. In order to plan the future, companies looking at the past so as to avoid losing in the competition. An example is drawn on the growth of China which has started to slow down is worrying miners who supply to them. This means that the companies will have to find other partners to fill the demand gap. Read more

THE GOOD LIFE – Inside an Australian mining team

Watch this video and see what it is like to be part of an Australian mining team.

Securing Mining Jobs Through Hard Work

miningThe world of mining is one that is undervalued, but it is still very relevant.┬áMine jobs are dangerous and everyone isn’t up for the challenge that these positions offer.

The mining industry is more prevalent in certain places than others. Australia, for example, depends heavily on the 2 mineral industry and miners have to do the work. The mining jobs Queensland are abundant because there is a need for these skilled professionals. Read more

Careers in the Australian Mining Industry

Mining in Australia is one of the largest industries on the continent. Australia is the second largest producer of gold in the world. Many other major minerals are mined in Australia such as bauxite, zircon, iron ore, lead and uranium as well as coal. Trained workers are currently needed to staff the many mining companies located in this part of the world.
Professionals, managers of mining facilities, maintenance workers and operators of heavy equipment will find job openings available in all parts of the country. Training is available for qualified applicants who wish to pursue a career in the mining industry. Read more

Training Programs – Safety & Health

Confined spaces are enclosed areas that subject workers to hazardous circumstances. Although the properties, such as the location, size and shape, may vary significantly, they are equally dangerous and impose similar outcomes. More recently, the incidence of injuries occurring while operating in confined spaces has risen. Read more

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